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9/20/18-6PM PT-8CT-9ET

Barry R. Strohm Author, Channeler, Lexturer

Learn how extraterrestrials are able to travel the vast expanses of the galaxy in short periods of time, and examine the wide variety of space vehicles―one ofwhich is the size of the United States. Read about various types of extraterrestrials, how they interact with humans, and the way in which they are governed and controlled in their visits to our planet. Discover information never before disclosed. universal mysteries, black holes, dark energy, how the universe was formed, reincarnation, and spirituality on other planets. 

8/16-6PM PT-8CT-9ET

James Keenan author, Dark Shadows & Catastrophe - now released the 2nd book titled, "10/22/2036, A continuation of Dark Shadows and Catastrophe." For the first time ever, I will be discussing the parts of my book, "Dark Shadows & Catastrophe," that are based on actual events and true facts from my personal life. Portions of the book, but not all, really did take place. I just rarely discuss it because of the subject matter being taboo for so many.

10/4/18-6PM PT-8CT-9ET

Paul Taitt, Film Maker

Professional Film Maker.....Paul's latest installment of terror, his new documentary film titled 'SUPERNATURAL ASSAULT' (Terror From The Shadows). Paul will share his terrifying Shadow People Encounters as well as stories from those he interviewed for his documentary.....MAKE NO MISTAKE the entities are dangerous and will KILL! 

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 8/6 - 6PM PT-8CT-9ET

L.Sydney Fisher, Medium and Author of the Supernatural joins the show sharing her story from her book "The Devils Board" On an American college campus in 1987, three students began playing a seemingly innocent game of contacting the dead.Spirits were summoned almost daily, and the dark world's influence began to take its toll.


 7/19- 6PM PT-8CT-9ET 

Andrea Perron, Breaking news time for the truth to come out, Intergalactic Engagement with Humanity. A lifetime of experiences to share! Andrea Perron, Author shares her story a personal journey of self-discovery through this thing called life. Andrea "I feel no apprehension in sharing my “out of this world” story." I have always felt an uncomfortable disconnection to the planet.

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