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 Do You Believe Web Series ™ is a original trademarked series a live interactive broadcast platform, a interactive chat room, leader in producing and broadcasting a weekly Live Paranormal Reality Web Series to viewers worldwide.  
Your Host, Norene Sampiere Balovich. 

What We Do:

We continue to make our broadcasting platform and viewing experience

the best in the industry "Do You Believe" continues to grow and gain in

popularity on Youtube.


Each episode of Do You Believe Web Series ™  is complete with:


  • Interviews with authors of non-fiction Paranormal books

  • Real ghost stories told by real people 

  • Historic Events (Paranormal, Unexplained)

  • Serial Killers, True Crime, Unsolved Murders

  • Paranormal experiences, exorcisms, demons, ghosts, horror

  • Ufo's, Aliens, Abductees

  • Paranormal, Supernatural, Strange, Chilling, The Bizarre

  • Uexplained, Unsolved Mysteries, Events, Disappearances

As I explore the darker regions, you may find yourself becoming convinced that things are not what they seem, and indeed, are much more sinister and scarier than you ever thought possible taking you to the edge of reason and beyond.


Where to Watch

Live paranormal shows on our Youtube channel.

You can also find all the upcoming live events and daily videos on demond.

Each week we broadcast:

  • new show

  • new topic 

  • new guest

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